Total Greek Yoghurt

Music composition, voice-over and sound mix

Total’s brand had no personality and the market was becoming crowded with ’Greek Style’ products, many with bigger TV budgets. With no identity, Total needed to stand out, engage consumers emotionally and stand for something. Zebra, Cow and Spoonbill were created to act as brand ambassadors.

With some great animation from Creative Orchestra that complimented the composition awareness rose. Sales rose by 62%. The client was getting 3.5:1 ROI on media spend. Trade confidence increased and the client gained new listings. The campaign was so successful it was entered into the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Consumer research showed characters had more appeal in the market

I composed and recorded original music for five separate campaigns for Total in a variety of different styles from traditional eastern gong music to gypsy jazz, from bandstand music to a kind of gym-exercise techno track. I also scored sound effects and handled the final sound mix for broadcast.

I employed voice artists such as Wendy Nieper, Richard Eteson and Duncan Wisbey and trumpet virtuoso Andy Knight for a playful and family friendly soundtrack to the animated ideas. All the recordings, mixing and mastering was completed at my studio.