Huffington Post – Huffingtown

Music Composition, Sound Design, Voiceover Recording and Sound Mixing

When the Huffington Post launched in the UK it needed a campaign that stood out to both consumers and media agencies. For the media agencies we created ‘Huffington Town’ to capture the large community of writers, bloggers and news contributors that made up the paper. A town was built using over 340 models and filmed it in stop motion to create an immersive effect. Voice over was by Kiss DJ, Neeve Spencer.

One of the most talked about digital ad campaigns in media circles that year

The film, made by Creative Orchestra, featured a vehicle to communicate all the sales values Huffington Post offered advertisers in a compelling way. It was also supported by a digital ad campaign.

I composed and recorded music and sound design for this vibrant campaign. The idea was to add spark, vibrancy and momentum to quite a long and dense concept using a contemporary news bulletin style theme. As a small detail please also note the triplet rhythms, which reinforce the Huffington word and name.